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Talent recruitment

Both  arduous pioneering stage, or in the high growth stage enterprises, the  Zhengli Auto Parts , as has always been based on the talent of the  country, the competition, the development of the party. Talent is always  the first Zhengli Auto Parts resources.

We  always adhere to the people-centered development strategy, "integrity,  honesty, enterprise" under the premise of the continuous development of  the cause of open space and good people to grow, establish streamlined  efficiency, fair competition to advance incentive mechanism and  "capable, wise, Yin the "employment mechanism to create a" cause  cohesion, training arena, retain emotional, well-paid return "of the  environment and atmosphere, allowing personnel enthusiasm, the creative  talents, enthusiasm and talents into full play, helping to create a high  quality, efficient, effective benefits talents ranks to become  enterprises bigger and stronger, to achieve leapfrog development pillar.

The  company will go with specialized training recruits primer combination  of the construction of roads, in the introduction of first-class